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What Are The Costs of Procrastination?

I’ve always acted as if procrastination wasn’t a big deal.Sometimes I even bragged about it to my friends, saying something along the lines of: “I’m so lazy. You guys couldn’t even imagine. Seriously, I’m the worst, haha!”In reality, I always knew what a terrible habit it was. I knew the costs I was paying. And […]

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The One Stoic Idea that Can Make You Invincible

Imagine the power you’d have if all the things that trouble everyone else didn’t trouble you.What if, where others get upset, mad, and greedy, you were objective, calm, and clearheaded?Can you imagine that? Others getting all jittery and impatient while you’re staying cool and relaxed?Well, you can get that. The Stoic idea we’ll look at […]

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“I Don’t Feel Like It” — No Excuse for the Mature Human Being

Most people in modern society have a very childish, one-way relationship with feelings.They feel a certain way and act accordingly.Feeling first. Behavior second.When they feel angry, they lash out at others. When they feel anxious, they retreat. When they feel sad, they crawl up in their bed. When they feel superior, they misconduct. When they […]

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Voluntary Discomfort: The Stoic Practice that Gets You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Get uncomfortable – sleep a night on the floor.This sounds unthinkable and ridiculous but it will actually do you good. I tried it myself – it’s tremendous! And after you’ve read the article, you’ll want to try it yourself.The Stoics taught me this idea of voluntary discomfort. They occasionally practiced getting uncomfortable in order to […]

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