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Heya, we’re Nils and Jonas Salzgeber. We’re the authors of three books, including the #1 Amazon bestseller The Little Book of Stoicism.

We’ve started NJlifehacks in 2016 in the hope of making a living with our passion for all things personal growth and self-development.

You see, when we hear something that promises to help us become more confident, mindful, charismatic, kind, and loving versions of ourselves, we’re all ears. We can’t help ourselves.

Some people think we’re weird or too serious or too driven, but they don’t get it – this is our passion. We love reading about the latest bio-hacks, new psychological studies, or ancient spiritual texts by Indian gurus (say about Osho what you will, but this guy had some incredible insights). Since starting the website, we’ve easily spent over $5,000 on books. You see, when others read about the latest celebrity scandal, we read about the latest breakthrough in positive psychology research. As our father would say, to each his own, right?

Now, you may not be as weird as we are, but you sure want a few of the same things, no? Greater self-confidence, freedom from negative thoughts, unshakable self-trust, fulfilling relationships? Better health? More energy? Excitement about the future? Here’s the good news. Today is your lucky day: You can get all of that – the confidence, energy, excitement, and more – for a single payment of just $997. No work involved; immediate results guaranteed. Sign up here now.

Just kidding… however, we do have good news for you. We’re letting you in on a little secret. Just don’t tell anyone, right? We have found, after being on this path to self-mastery (for lack of a better word) for a long time that the best way to get more confidence, self-trust, certainty, and all of that great stuff is through Stoicism.

And if you’ve never heard of this marvelous philosophy, you’re in for a treat. And even if you’ve heard of it, you’ll want to check this out…

We’ve recently created a free guide with 20 of our favorite Stoic practices. Now, what we call a “Stoic practice” is simply a way of looking at the world, a mindset, or a thought exercise that helps you find greater meaning in life, be less emotionally reactive, meet misfortunes with greater tranquility, and so much more.

These 20 practices are without a doubt some of the best stuff personal development has to offer, and it’s yours completely free. Just click the button below to grab your free copy right now: