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Here's What NJlifehacks Is All About

"Make the best use of what is in your power,
and take the rest as it happens."

- Epictetus

Nils on the left & Jonas on the right...

Hey, we're Nils and Jonas Salzgeber and we're on our journey to live a great life and become the best versions of ourselves.

And yes, we're struggling a lot. This is part of the game of life. Just get up, rub off the ​dust, look ahead and keep on moving.

That's sort of our motto. You won't be perfect. Ever. But you can try to be the best you can be. And you certainly can get better at taking the hurdles of life.

​Writing this blog takes a lot of time and effort but it's also fun and we learn a lot. So far the blog is only a hobby and we take part-time and temporary jobs to pay the bills and the books. (So, if you need someone to break some rocks, let us know.)

Anyway, here's what to expect...

Proven Strategies to Deal with the Toughness of Life (1), Skyrocket Your Productivity (2), and Walk Around with a Smile on Your Face (3)

We believe that the key to a better life is rigorous self-improvement. This means getting better at dealing with whatever the f*"^ life throws at you. In the end, life is about playing the best with the cards you're dealt.

You can't change the cards, but you can change the way you play the game.​

Take more action, give your best, and work on yourself so that you actually know how to play better. No matter the cards, no matter the circumstances.

​In order to be ready at whatever life throws at us, we try to optimize our minds by reading lots of books, meditating every day and not giving too many fucks...

Also, we try to improve our bodies by making sure we get the three easy wins: The most rejuvenating sleep, the most nutritious diet, and the most effective workouts.

That’s just a little insight into what NJlifehacks is all about. We’re striving to become the best we can be. And so we’ll cover anything that helps you transform into a smarter, happier, better-looking, and life-loving badass.

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"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be.
Be one."

- Marcus Aurelius