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Save BIG With Our List Of The HOTTEST Personal Development Deals We Could Find For You

Heya there. Nils and Jonas here, and we hope you had a stellar Thanksgiving. Or if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, then we hope you had an awesome Tuesday!

Now, if you're looking to invest in your personal growth on this blackest of weekends of the year, you're in the right place. Because on this page you'll find some of our favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

Note: The section below contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of these links, we will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). We only ever endorse products that we have personally used or that we are fully convinced of their value and quality. Thank you for your support. Enjoy!

Link for 50% OFF Blinkist

Blinkist Premium (50% OFF)

Get access to over 4,500 book summaries (in writing and audio) of the most popular non-fiction books ever published. Save offline and learn wherever you go. Best of all, get started for free with their 7-day free trial.

Regular Price: $89

Sale Price: $44.50 + 7-Day Free Trial

BestSelf Self Planner

BestSelf (30% OFF)

BestSelf is a super cool company that creates "tools that get you planned, productive, and positive - because, with these skills in your pocket, you can achieve anything." They sell journals, planners (such as the Self Planner pictured on the left), card decks, Action Pads, courses and challenges, and more.

Regular Price: Depends on the product

Sale Price: 30% OFF Sitewide


BrainHQ (50% OFF)

BrainHQ is perhaps the #1 brain training tool on the market. It’s your “online headquarters for working out your brain.”

he cool thing about BrainHQ is that it has proven its effectiveness in more than 100 independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies. The benefits include improvements in mood, self-confidence, overall mental (and physical!) health, everyday cognition, attention, processing speed, memory, balance and gait, and even driving ability.

Regular Price: $14 monthly / $96 yearly

Sale Price: $7 monthly / $48 yearly

The 5 Minute Journal (30% OFF)

You know we’re big on journaling, positive psychology, and practicing gratitude. The 5-Minute Journal combines all of those and trains your mind to focus on the good in your life. A great way to start or end the day.

Regular Price: $24.95

Sale Price: 30% OFF + $20 Gift Card