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Here’s the Simplest Trick Ever to Become More Productive

“What gets measured gets improved.” This is a quote from Robin Sharma. Or Peter Drucker. Who knows? The internet doesn’t. Anyway, this quote lays out a simple truth we can use to easily boost our productivity. What we measure, we improve. I like to call it the what-gets-measured-gets-improved-effect. Best of all, this improvement happens automatically, solely because […]

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THE PROGRESS PRINCIPLE: Why Acknowledging Small Daily Wins Is Your Ticket to Infinite Motivation and Higher Self-Esteem

Quick question: Can you name 3 things that didn’t go so well today? 1) ________________ 2) ________________ 3) ________________ Got it? Easy, huh? Now name 3 things that did go well today. 1) ________________ 2) ________________ 3) ________________ For most of us, naming things that went well is much harder.  There’s a reason for that. And it’s actually a huge problem because it saps your motivation […]

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