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4 Ways Email is Killing Your Productivity & What You Can Do About it

Imagine a world without email. …You wake up every morning without an urge to compulsively check your inbox. …You commute to work without checking email. …You go to the toilet without checking email. …You work at the office without checking email. …You go to sleep without checking email. How much more productive would you be? How much more focused, relaxed, and […]

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“Ultralearning” by Scott Young – Book Summary

Ultralearning by Scott H. Young teaches you how to learn things quickly and effectively, so you can improve valuable skills, acquire new knowledge, and ultimately become a better version of yourself faster. The book starts off with fascinating examples of so-called ultralearners – people who achieved remarkable learning feats in short periods of time. It then […]

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How Addictive Technology (FB, Netflix, and Co.) is Silently Killing Your Happiness, Health, and Productivity

According to a Nielsen report, the average American spends more than 11 hours every day watching, reading, listening to, or otherwise interacting with media. Most of this time is spent watching live television (4:10), followed by smartphone use (2:22), radio (1:46), tablet use (0:47), and internet use on computer (0:39). Another statistic shows that we spend […]

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