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Why Materialism Makes You Miserable (And What To Do About It)

There’s an invisible force in this world that turns people into selfish, ungrateful, anti-social, unfriendly, and miserable creatures. If you’ve read the title of this article, you know I’m talking about materialism. In today’s society, it’s almost impossible not to develop any materialistic tendencies. Think about it, from a very young age we are being bombarded with […]

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Want to Be Happy? Make The People Around You Happy.

If you didn’t get the memo, happiness pays. According to leading happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky, happiness makes people more sociable, strengthens their immune system, builds more satisfying relationships, improves productivity, lengthens people’s life, and generally makes people more successful in life. The state of happiness literally primes your mind and body for peak performance. Shawn Achor, another […]

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How to Be Happy: 26 Strategies Backed by Research

Happiness: “The experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.” This is how Sonja Lyubomirsky, a leading happiness researcher, defines happiness. Considering that definition, it’s no wonder that all of us want to be happy. We may not openly admit it, or we may not […]

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