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The Unschedule: A Counter-Intuitive But Highly Effective Time-Planning Method to Beat Procrastination

My seemingly never-ending struggles with procrastination force me to read a lot of books on the topic. The Now Habit by Neil Fiore is one of the better ones. I especially like a time-planning method he’s come up with called The Unschedule. In today’s article, I want to show you what The Unschedule is, how it works, […]

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How to Cure Procrastination: Why Self-Control Is the Ultimate Remedy

Looking for the ultimate procrastination cure? If you’re serious about it and you’re ready to do whatever it takes, this article is for you. I’ll first show you what procrastination truly boils down (it’s probably not what you think). And then I’ll spill the beans on what I believe to be the ultimate procrastination remedy.What Procrastination […]

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Want to Overcome Procrastination? Start With This Simple Exercise.

What’s the first thing you should do to overcome procrastination? Should you create some implementation intentions? Should you break big, complex projects into smaller, more actionable steps? Should you just get started somewhere? Should you learn more about the science of procrastination? While these are all great strategies, they are not where I would start. Instead, I […]

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How to Fine-tune Your Thinking to Instantly Boost Willpower, Curb Temptations, and Stop Procrastination Dead In Its Tracks

Any goal you pursue or action you take can be thought about in a number of different ways. Brushing the teeth can be called “moving the brush back and forth across the teeth” or “keeping the teeth clean and healthy”. Exercising can be thought of as “trying to lose weight”, “becoming more fit”, or “running on […]

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