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3 Simple (Yet Not Easy!) Steps to Self-Acceptance

I’m insecure. When people ask me about what I’m doing with my life, I can’t answer properly. Not because I don’t know what I’m doing, but because I’m insecure about it. Lack of confidence? Maybe. At the root of the problem, though, lies a lack of self-acceptance. Don’t worry, I’m working on it. And on my path to self-acceptance I’ve […]

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How to Fine-tune Your Thinking to Instantly Boost Willpower, Curb Temptations, and Stop Procrastination Dead In Its Tracks

Any goal you pursue or action you take can be thought about in a number of different ways. Brushing the teeth can be called “moving the brush back and forth across the teeth” or “keeping the teeth clean and healthy”. Exercising can be thought of as “trying to lose weight”, “becoming more fit”, or “running on […]

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To Overcome Procrastination, Try Some Self-Compassion

Yeah, I think self-compassion matters. This is my third article on the topic, after previously giving an overview of self-compassion and its benefits here and then explaining in detail why self-compassion leads to more motivation and achievement here. Today, I want to keep things shorter and talk about the effects of self-criticism versus self-compassion on procrastination. We’ll […]

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Why High Achievers Choose Self-Compassion Over Self-Criticism

A while ago, I wrote an article on the benefits of self-compassion, in which I listed some of the differences between self-compassion and self-criticism. In short, self-criticism is associated with lots of negative consequences – it’s strongly related to depression and dissatisfaction with life, self-critics are much more likely to attempt suicide than others, and so on […]

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Why Materialism Makes You Miserable (And What To Do About It)

There’s an invisible force in this world that turns people into selfish, ungrateful, anti-social, unfriendly, and miserable creatures. If you’ve read the title of this article, you know I’m talking about materialism. In today’s society, it’s almost impossible not to develop any materialistic tendencies. Think about it, from a very young age we are being bombarded with […]

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Reframe Your World: How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity, Weakness into Strength, and Failure into Success

Reframe(riːˈfreɪm)verb Definition (my own): To change the meaning of a situation by reinterpreting it in a more resourceful way. Put differently, to change how we think about a situation by looking at it from a different “frame”. Reframing is all about reinterpreting the world to our liking. It’s about getting a new perspective, challenging assumptions, and going […]

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